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Hit delete on the latest ebook you've purchased on "profitable blogging", because the last thing you want to do is waste another night of your life trying the latest "theory" produced by some struggling, misinformed blogger who just happened to write a book on the topic.

In reality, there are very few solid books covering the topic of professional blogging, and the reason for that is an obvious one: people are closely guarding their secrets afraid to let in any competition.

Why would they want to?

They dominate the markets with highly optimized, killer blogs that generate unstoppable traffic every single day, while spitting out shocking paychecks from multiple sources. Adsense, ClickBank, CJ, PDC, Text Links, Sponsorships, advertisers.. you name it, they're exploiting it as a way of making an incredible income online with every single blog they set up.

Then, there's the 'rest of the world".. people struggling just to earn some money with Adsense, or worse, spending tons of money advertising and promoting their blogs than they even make back, while spending every waking hour away from their friends and family, trying to make this 'blog business' work.

And unfortunately, if they continue to follow the watered down, outdated strategies taught in 99% of the blog profit ebooks out there, they will never succeed.

How many of these common "myths" have you fallen victim to?

Set up automated blogs on complete auto pilot! Hands free, set and forget methods revealed! This is one of the BIGGEST lies responsible for so many failed attempts. While you can set up blogs to run automatically, you NEED to consistently engage your audience.

Make A Full Time Income With BRAND NEW Blogs! Sure, you can make money from online blogs (more than you probably think), but you can't do it just by sticking up a Wordpress blog and leaving it to collect dust. Just won't happen.

Become Wealthy Overnight! Good luck with that.. unless you are selling an established blog, it will take a bit of time and effort to generate consistent income BUT you absolutely can do it if you follow a proven strategy used by seasoned bloggers.

I'm not here to discourage you. As a professional blogger myself, I am living proof that you can become incredibly wealthy from a series of simple, well constructed online blogs.

But I'm tired of the hype and BS.. people who tell you that it doesn't require any time or effort on your part, and that all you need to do is upload a recent copy of Wordpress and you'll be sucking in millions.

This kind of information is the sole reason why so many give up in frustration when they don't experience instant results. After all, if so many others are claiming to have become overnight millionaires by following the same system, why can't you?

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These are the real cash strategies used by the Internet's top bloggers.

Let's try something entirely new.. let's base our strategies on PROVEN methods. These are the insider trade secrets to real professional bloggers, the kind that make their entire income from their blog networks.

Wouldn't you rather spend your time and energy following a model that has been proven to work, rather than allowing someone to continuously mislead you with "theory based strategies"?

I've been blogging for over five years.. What started out as a part time hobby quickly shot into overdrive and ended up being one of my biggest money makers ever.

Best of all, not only have I compiled every strategy that has worked for me time and time again (it was a complete brain dump of every profitable tactic I've ever used), but I've also closely networked with some of the leading bloggers in the business, who have opened up their systems and allowed me to dissect, analyze and then tear apart each and every strategy they've used as well.

What I ended up with, was a comprehensive, step by step system to building the most profitable online blogs possible, and even if you have struggled to make money with your online blogs before, if you follow along with me as I guide you through every step of the process, there is absolutely no way you fail.

These are thoroughly tested, verified and highly effective techniques to profitable blogging.

With this all inclusive, break through blueprint to profitable blogging, all you have to do is follow along and copy every one of my strategies. I've done ALL of the hard work on your behalf.. if you can copy and paste, you really can make money by following along with me as I guide you every step of the way.

There is no faster or easier way to build a high profit network than this.

There are always obstacles in the way, isn't there? For many, it's not knowing how to build a website, program, read or edit code, write an info product, create a sales page, and for others they simply don't have the funds or resources to build an online business of their own.

Blogging removes ALL of these obstacles as well as any excuse you can come up for not being successful online.

Whether you are catering to a mainstream industry or a micro-niche one, and whether you are a brand new blogger or consider yourself a 'seasoned pro', the tactics revealed inside of the Blogging Decoded ebook are sure to blow you away.. these are the hardcore cash strategies of the most successful bloggers, the kind of information that is extremely hard to find, and most importantly, the ONLY strategies that really work.

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Blogging can do that for you.

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"I also really liked the chapter on Monetizing Your Blog. I learned a few things in there I couldn't believe. And the section on using adsense was Great!"

Thanks So Much, I'm going to tell a few friends that are interested in blogging about your Blogging Decoded E-book!"

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"I started an online business and was afraid to even try blogging. I then realized that to grow my business I needed to promote it through blogging. I found your book to be everything I needed and am grateful!"

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